Our approach incorporates four core beliefs:

Visualisationclarifies an idea and creates a shared language and understanding.


Systems thinkingbrings multiple perspectives into dialogue to find workable solutions to complex challenges.

System thinking

Powerful Questionsignite creativity and learning, and facilitate strategic focus and engagement.

Powerful questions

Skilled Facilitationhelps a group move forward with ease in a collaborative way.


Graphic facilitation

We help you design, facilitate and document strategic meetings, workshops and conferences where engagement and visible results are key.­ We apply visual techniques to create engagement before, during and after the event.

Event summaries

We visually document your meeting, seminar, workshop or conference. On large displays, illustrators capture highlights and essences of your event in an inspiring visual language.

Communication and dialogue tools

We help you communicate any strategy, vision, business concept or process in ten minutes and support you in engaging your organisation in meaningful conversations around your most important questions.

Animated videos

We work with you to produce short hand drawn animated videos which help you deliver your key messages and story in an inspiring format to quickly reach and engage your whole organisation.

Graphic facilitation training

We train you and your team to use visual thinking and practice to strengthen and focus every job, meeting, project and process.

We work where there is a need for shared pictures around complex issues and a high degree of engagement from everyone involved.

We deliver our services in the public, private and social sector at every organisational level.

We work internationally with topics such as conflict resolution, educational planning, supply chain innovation, strategy implementation, leadership development and product innovation.

Bigger Picture is a Scandinavian consulting company founded in 2003 by Lennart Qvist-Sørensen and Ole Qvist-Sørensen.

We are a core team of 4 people.

Together with our highly skilled associates we form a strong group of good listeners, synthesizers, illustrators, movie makers and facilitators.

Ole Qvist-Sørensen
Strategy consultant / Graphic Facilitator

Ole has over 10 years of international experience in designing and facilitating strategy processes in small and large organisations. Ole assists leadership teams in distilling their strategic messages into powerful visuals. Ole is a Bigger Picture certified Graphic Facilitation trainer and has developed the “7 element” methodology. Ole's theoretical foundation is a combination of organisational and adult learning.
illustration af Ole Qvist

Loa Baastrup
Strategy consultant / Graphic Facilitator

Loa designs and facilitates processes leading to the creation of powerful communication and dialogue tools. She is a Bigger Picture certified Graphic Facilitation trainer and has trained over 500 people since 2010. Loa has a unique mix of analytical and visualisation skills combined with a strong feel for both people and organisational needs. Loa’s theoretical foundation is in political leadership and communication.
illustration af Loa Baastrup

Brigita Radeljak

Brigita coordinates and leads internal and external projects in Bigger Picture. With practical and theoretical foundation in strategic conceptualization and management Brigita has a unique way of combining design and business method into process of change. She works structured towards creative and sustainable solutions, mostly with a marker in her hand.


illustration af Brigita Radeljak
Thomas Thorhauge
Strategic Process illustrator

Thomas won the prize for the best Danish comic in 2010. He is a fantastic listener. He can turn a special atmosphere at a conference, a powerful statement in a meeting, or a breakthrough idea in a project into a powerful illustration - within few minutes and with a twist that will make you smile.

illustration af Thomas Thorhauge
Hans Henrik Ruus
Process illustrator

Hans Henrik has worked many years in the advertising industry turning ideas or concepts into any type of visual format. He can draw anything in any style within minutes. You will also find Hans Henrik applying this skill in courthouses making quick portraits when photos are not allowed.

illustration af Hans Henrik Ruus
Sofie Lind Mesterton
Process illustrator

Sofie is an illustrator with practical background from The Royal Danish School of Design where she is used to create visual concepts, stories and dialogue through drawing. As process illustrator she quickly catches key points and creates visual overview in complex matters. Sofie is structured, quick on the hand and has a humorous stroke.


illustration af Sofie Mesterton
Ida Maj Emborg
Consultant / Graphic Facilitator

Ida facilitates change and communication processes and she teaches teams from the private as well as the public sector in graphic facilitation. With a background in Performance Design and Organisational Studies, she has an analytical approach to problems as well as solid experience in process and project management in relation to public-private innovation, organizational development and event design.
illustration af Ida Maj Emborg

Moving Monday
Movie production

Moving Monday is a team of ambitious and creative guys devoted to making a difference in the world of new media. They are focused on simple animations and together with Bigger Picture, animated visual explanations.

Ole Qvist-Sørensen

Tlf: +45 28 11 36 64
Email ole@biggerpicture.dk

Loa Baastrup

Strategic communication
Tlf: +45 27 14 11 07
Email loa@biggerpicture.dk

Brigita Radeljak

Tlf: +45 21 57 28 11
Email brigita@biggerpicture.dk


Bigger Picture Aps
Vestergade 20C, st.
1456 Copenhagen
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